3 co-working benefits for Vietnamese startups

In 2022, the country has more than 3,800 startups, with 4 “unicorns” and 11 businesses valued at over 100 million USD, according to Nextrans Vietnam’s “Vietnam Industry 2021” report. This development impacts the demand for the workplace, while shaping the next transformation in the way people work at high performance in the future.

The startup picture is flourishing in parallel with the changes brought about by the pandemic, from which, the flexible working model “flexible office” appeared and became an essential need. Therefore, the desire for flexible offices, which provide complete services and working environments to support companies to focus on development in the new context is increasing.

The Sentry, a major A-list flexible office space provider in Vietnam, has witnessed this incredible transformation as it accompanies investment firms and as a bridge to Vietnam’s prominent startups.

Through providing real estate solutions dedicated to industries such as eCommerce, Venture Capital, Information Technology, and leading startups in FinTech, EdTech and Proptech, The Sentry provides an ecosystem of growth and development comparable to the ‘Sand Hill Road’ in Silicon Valley.

Our goal is to provide innovation support to private sector businesses in Vietnam to drive the growing technology and startup industry forward,” said Greg Ohan, CEO & Co-Founder of The Sentry.

Flexible workspaces are an ideal new home for Hello Health. In addition to providing convenience for a rapidly growing business, flexibility in the way of working provides the right environment for a predominantly Generation Z workforce.

With the ecosystem we find from flexible working environments with like-minded young talent, new but potential companies offer capital raising advisory services as well as loan financing options specifically for growing technology companies. Therefore, we consider the flexible office to be very useful and convenient,” said Martin Martinez, a member of the Board of Directors of Hello Health Group.

To meet the growing demand, The Sentry continues to elevate the flexible office experience with 2 buildings focused on building inclusive communities for technology, investment and start-up companies, corporate health and sustainability in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM includes The SentryZ and The SentryP.

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