Coworking trends rumble on

Vietnam’s high aim of attracting international investors has generated an increasing demand for office space in a relatively short amount of time, thus also creating the opportunity for the rise of the flexible workspace as a perfect alternative for businesses to enter the market.

According to Greg Ohan, CEO and Co-Pioneer of The Sentry, which operates a 6,300 square meter space in central Ho Chi Minh City, and will soon cut-the-ribbons on three further locations in the southern metropolis, comments: “We are seeing a huge drive toward flexible and affordable workspaces from organisations nationwide. Companies are looking for spaces that can scale up with them, and do not want to commit to long leases and significant cap-ex for renovations and fit-outs. Enterprises are also focused spaces they regularly use – they don’t want to be carrying rental costs on rarely used meeting and function and training spaces, for example. They are looking to use those only when they need them, and not carry them month-to-month.”

Entrepreneurs and start-ups as key sectors finding themselves drawn toward co-working, a finding that Ohan’s experience mirrors, citing larger, regional companies with local operations of up to 50 staff, notably in the tech sector – as a sweet-spot for The Sentry.


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