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August 9, 2022 |

Meta invests $1 billion USD for content creator community

On the afternoon of September 8, at The Sentry in Ho Chi Minh City, Meta held the event “Creators of Tomorrow” to kick off a series of activities for content creators in Vietnam.

According to Revie Sylviana, Meta’s Head of Innovator Partnerships Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets, the creative community in Vietnam is growing rapidly with many young talents spanning fields such as entertainment, cuisine, lifestyle to games, technology,…

“Our goal is to create the best environment for all creators to tell their stories, find their own public, and thereby turn this passion into a career. We are committed to doing this. accompany and support the community of creators to showcase their talent and continue to nurture their careers and expand their presence on online platforms,” emphasized Ms. Revie Sylviana.

For the full article: Meta invests 1 billion USD for content creator community (


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