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10 best places to host a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are planning to host a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, you might be wondering where to find the best venues for your event. Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers a variety of options for seminars, from luxurious hotels to creative co-working spaces. In this article, we will show you the best 10 places to host a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City that will suit your needs, budget, and style. Whether you want to impress your audience with a stunning view, inspire them with a cozy atmosphere, or engage them with interactive facilities, these venues will help you achieve your goals.

Best place to host a seminar in Ho Chi Minh city

Choosing the right venue is one of the most important critical factors in organizing a professional and impressive seminar. There are plenty of international standard event venue options in Ho Chi Minh City, where the excitement and cultural diversity converge. But where can the location help your business convey the message most potently and effectively?

This article will “reveal” the top 10 places to host a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, from modern conference centers to luxurious and polite hotels, based on many criteria: facilities, professional services, comfort, and prime location. Let’s continue to follow!

10 best places to host a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s most significant and busiest city, with many business and cooperation opportunities. If you are looking for a professional, modern, and comfortable event venue, you can refer to the following list of top 10 places to host a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City:

1. The Sentry

With seven strategic locations across the country, The Sentry is proud to be the leading supplier of Grade A office buildings in Vietnam. The Sentry provides businesses with luxurious and creative workspaces and flexible and effective conference solutions to suit all needs and budgets.

best places to host a seminar

Here are the reasons you should consider choosing The Sentry for your next seminar:

  • Location: The Sentry is in many prime Ho Chi Minh City locations. Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh, like Sentry P and Sentry Z, is near many important places and attractive utilities and services.
  • Capacity: The Sentry can provide a variety of spaces to organize. Workshops vary, depending on the needs of the business, with a degree from 100 to 300 people.
  • Infrastructure: The Sentry has synchronous, modern, and comfortable facilities. There is central air conditioning, a backup generator with 100% capacity, a security system, and 24/7 protection. In addition, the standard room has a shared lounge area, a shared work area, and a photocopier.
  • Equipment: The Sentry has modern and complete equipment for meeting organization needs. It has internet, free high-speed wifi, a private internal switchboard, and call forwarding. Fully furnished with separate facilities for each type of conference space. Have sound equipment, light, and a projector for the meeting room.
  • Accompanied service: The Sentry has a professional reception department to welcome and serve customers/partners. The business representative will act on behalf of the business to handle the work within the permitted scope at the office. There is free service of water, tea, coffee,…. Accessible meeting room use (hour/month), use of common lounge area (time/month), use of standard work area (hour/month), use of photocopier (number of printed pages) free/month).
  • Price: The price to rent at The Sentry is also quite reasonable and competitive compared to other conference spaces in the area. The rental fee will depend on the type of conference space, location, rental period, and conditions.

Contact Info:


Address: The Sentry’s current system includes:

  • The Sentry C: 15 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • The Sentry P: 16 Nguyen Dang Giai Street, District 2, HCMC
  • The Sentry Z: 25a/1 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1, HCMC

Phone number: +84 969 067 845


2. Capella Parkview Convention Center

Capella Parkview Convention Center is designed in European style, with a massive campus of about 4500m2 according to 4-star standards, giving customers various choices from event rooms, meeting rooms, or conference rooms.

The Capella Parkview owns a large, solemn room and is fully equipped with modern equipment

As a professional event venue in Ho Chi Minh City, each conference room here is fully furnished with beautiful furniture, modern equipment, and a diverse menu, helping you to organize the most solemn and classy events.

3. Caravelle Saigon Hotel

Caravelle Saigon is one of the oldest and most prestigious hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, with various rooms for events, conferences, and seminars, fully equipped with modern sound, light, and communication equipment.

Conference rooms at Caravelle Saigon often come with sophistication and elegance

The conference room can accommodate 700 people and is equipped with modern sound, light, and LED screens, meeting all the needs of large-scale events.

4. Park Hyatt Saigon

Located in District 1, near Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, and Reunification Palace – Park Hyatt Saigon is suitable for businesses to organize solemn events of international stature.

With ten multi-functional spaces catering to all different event needs of customers, such as Pool House on the third floor, The Study (small meeting room) on the mezzanine floor, and a 550m2 columnless Ballroom, which can accommodate a large number of guests. divided into 3 or 5 connected Drawing Room.

Park Hyatt Saigon attracts customers with many choices of luxurious and classy conference rooms

Each room is fully equipped with high-class facilities, meeting all the needs of organizing events, seminars, or conferences of customers.

5. Event Center GEM Center

GEM Center is a prestigious and professional event center in Ho Chi Minh City. GEM Center has three conference halls with a capacity of 200 to 1500 people, designed in a modern and youthful style, suitable for diverse events.

Conference and seminar rooms at Gem Center are beautifully decorated in every little detail

With many rooms designed with distinct styles and fully equipped with modern equipment, GEM Center will surely satisfy every customer.

6. Sofitel Saigon Plaza Hotel

Sofitel Saigon Plaza is a world-class hotel chosen by many big domestic and foreign brands to organize large-scale conferences, such as TH True Milk and Trung Nguyen Coffee…

With an area of 27 to 400m2 (depending on the conference room), Sofitel Saigon Plaza can accommodate 350 people. Therefore, this conference venue is the ideal place for you to “show” grand events with the service of world-class chefs.

The conference room at Sofitel Saigon Plaza aims to be elegant and modern but no less luxurious

Every conference room is elegant French style, equipped with modern equipment such as an LCD screen, projector, surround sound, and free wifi – helping you to organize your event as smoothly and successfully as expected.

7. White Palace Convention Center

Located in Phu Nhuan district, White Palace is one of HCMC’s largest and most beautiful convention centers. White Palace has four main halls with an area of up to 6,500 m2 (capacity from 300 to 3000 people), designed in a luxurious and sophisticated European style.

The system of rooms at White Palace is beautifully decorated, solemn, and fully equipped with modern amenities

Additionally, being at a convenient traffic location on Hoang Van Thu Street towards Tan Son Nhat Airport, White Palace attracts many customers to organize large-scale events, especially for conferences, seminars, and weddings.

8. Majestic Hotel

Majestic Hotel was built in the 1920s, so it owns the “beauty” of a bold French-style space as one of the most luxurious event centers in Ho Chi Minh City. Majestic Hotel is chosen by many large businesses and brands to organize high-class events.

Majestic Hotel is chosen by many businesses to organize seminars because of its beautiful and private rooms

Not only impressive with its beautiful design, Majestic Hotel also owns a super beautiful view, directly facing the Saigon River – this event venue is suitable for large seminars, meetings, or training.

9. Adora Dynasty Convention Center

In Tan Binh district, Adora is a large and modern conference center perfect for small to significant events. Adora has nine conference halls with a capacity of 100 to 2,500 people, designed in Asian and European styles, bringing a luxurious and cozy feeling.

Adora owns many types of event rooms with high-class and modern equipment

Adora has modern facilities and diverse and luxurious rooms, combined with a team of seasoned staff with experience in organizing events that will meet customers’ wishes.

10. New World Saigon Hotel

Located in the heart of District 1, New World Saigon Hotel is a professional event venue with many high-class facilities and services. New World Hotel has four conference rooms with 50 to 500 people capacity, equipped with modern audio, light, and video equipment.

Classy event space at New World Saigon Hotel

With perfectly arranged facilities from the reception hall to the auditorium area, New World Sai Gon Hotel will satisfy every customer and contribute to a successful event beyond expectations.

5 factors to consider when choosing a place to host a seminar

The conference venue is one of the most critical factors determining the event’s success. A suitable platform will create a comfortable, professional, and impressive space for guests, helping them focus on the conference’s content.

Here are five factors to consider when choosing a place for the seminar:

1. Capacity

The venue should have enough space to accommodate the expected number of guests and the equipment, supplies, and activities associated with the conference. You should choose a location that can flexibly adjust the capacity according to actual needs.

In addition, you should reserve 10-20% more seats than the expected number of guests in case guests register late or cannot attend.

2. Location

The venue should have a convenient location for guests to move around, easily accessible by public or private transport. It would be best to choose a place near the city center, airport, train station or famous landmarks.

For example, you can choose a hotel near Tan Son Nhat Airport or a convention center near the Opera House.

3. Amenities

The venue should have all the necessary facilities for organizing the conference, such as sound, light, screen, projector, pens, notes, drinking water, snacks, and food service if available. You should choose a location with high-quality service and friendly and professional staff.

For example, you can choose a luxury hotel with 24-hour service or a conference center with modern equipment and dedicated technicians.

4. Costs

The venue needs to fit your conference budget. It’s a good idea to compare the prices and quality of different locations and find out about deals, promotions, or bundled packages. You should choose a location with reasonable and negotiable prices.

For example, you can choose a hotel with special rates for frequent flyers or a conference center with a buffet.

5. Style

The venue should be suitable for the workshop’s purpose, content, and audience. It would be best if you chose a platform with a design, decoration, and layout style that matches the theme and tone of the conference and makes a good impression on the guests.

For example, you can choose a boutique hotel or a modern convention center.


Above are the ten best places to host a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, evaluated based on the following criteria: facilities, professional services, comfort, and prime location.

Each location has advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different conferences and budgets. Therefore, you must carefully consider these factors to choose the most convenient place to host a seminar for your business.

  • Choosing the right venue for the type of seminar: You need to clearly define the purpose and scale of the workshop to select the right platform. For example, if your workshop is large, you should choose a venue with a large capacity. If your workshop is professional, you should choose a platform with modern facilities.
  • Choose a venue that fits your budget: The cost of renting a place to host a seminar can vary widely depending on the type of venue, rental duration, and accompanying services. Therefore, you must carefully consider your budget to choose the right place.
  • Choose a convenient location for guests: You should choose a convenient location for guests to attend. For example, if your conference has a lot of remote guests, you should select an area near the airport or city center.

The above information will help you choose a successful seminar.


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