9 Simple but effective tips for saving office costs

During the current economic downturn, saving on office costs has become an essential business strategy. However, how to cut costs without affecting performance? An issue that many businesses are concerned about, but not everyone knows what to do! This article will “reveal” to you extremely effective solutions to save office costs. The goal is to […]

Business Opportunities in Vietnam – a Guide for Investors

Currently, ASEAN’s economy is expanding rapidly. After the collapse of economics and an increasingly difficult financial market, Vietnam surprised international investors with its rapid economic growth and capability to rebound from the pandemic. Don’t miss out on business opportunities in Vietnam – read this article for company registrations. State of the Vietnamese Investment Market in […]

how to host a seminar
how to host a seminar

How to Host a Seminar from Start to Successful?

The seminar is no longer just a place to exchange and share knowledge but also helps businesses connect and create an unforgettable impression in the hearts of customers/partners. Organizing a seminar is about more than just placing rows of tables and chairs and preparing slides and microphones. It is a delicate process that requires careful […]

Silicon Valley Talent Is Helping Grow Vietnam’s Startup Hub

“Southeast Asia is going to be a global growth engine in the next 10 years and Vietnam will be at the centre of it,” said Lauria, sporting a ponytail and dressed tech casual in a printed shirt and white shorts.

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