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October 19, 2022 |

Co-working space reaches 80% capacity

The report highlights that multinational enterprises, entrepreneurs and startups are the main subjects of attention to co-working spaces. At the same time, with his experience, Mr. Ohan also said that large companies in the region, with branches in Vietnam with 50 employees or less, especially in the field of technology, are also potential customers of The Sentry.

According to Alex Crane: “Flexible workspaces are not only an essential tool for business tenants looking for hybrid workplaces, but also play an important role in the growth of startups in Vietnam. Particularly in the first five months of 2022, Vietnam has recorded 62,961 newly established enterprises, total investment capital of VND 471.2 trillion. Many businesses will rent co-working spaces that will help them wing their dreams of creating a career. We anticipate that the entrepreneurial spirit of Vietnamese people will continue to drive the demand for flexible workspaces, and in addition, multinational companies and corporations are constantly investing and expanding their business in the Vietnamese market to increase this demand.”

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