We have pioneered an integrated approach for evaluating buildings in terms of energy consumption, water use, and waste management, as well as wellness and indoor environmental quality, allowing members of The Sentry to meet Corporate Social Governance (CSG) requirements.

Each of our new developments will be designed to pioneer the highest standards and to meet Vietnam’s very own ‘Green Lotus’ accreditation and international standards such as the US ‘Fitwell Accreditation’ . All our upcoming commercial projects adhere to strict sustainability policies set by the Vietnamese government and International / US standards.

A semilar at The Sentry P


The Sentry is the first flexible office targeting to receive Vietnam’s Lotus Green accreditation for fit-out, operation, and design. 

We are committed to continuously learning to better our social and environmental impact and be proactive toward the issues of greatest importance to our colleagues, members and communities.


Beyond providing a space for workers to do what they do best and advance toward a more innovative Vietnam, we also inspire work-life balance and wellness. 

On Tuesday mornings, we host a free yoga and meditation class for all members to break free from their laptops and realign their minds and body. And for those who want to unwind after a long day’s work, the pingpong table, coffee maker, and beer dispenser are available day and night.

Another notable feature is the Mom & Baby room, which offers a safe workplace venue for new moms.