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[TOP 10] Best Office for Rent in District 1 You Should Know

Are you looking for an office for rent in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City? Choose from a variety of office types and sizes and get the best price for your needs.

District 1 is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, which is famous for attracting people from all over the world to visit, live, and develop their careers. Here, there are not only skyscrapers, premium restaurants and lovely cafes, but also unique, modern and comfortable “coworking spaces”.

For freelancers, startups, or businesses who are looking for a professional, airy and creative workspace, choosing a suitable Office For Rent in District 1 is extremely necessary.

How do you find a satisfactory coworking space that best meets your needs? Please refer to the TOP 10 list in this article to help you make the best choice!

What Is the Coworking Space for Rent?

Coworking Space is a business model that recreates the idea of ​​a traditional workspace. More than simply a private desk and chair, Coworking Space also creates a cohesive community environment – where you can meet and talk with many different people.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups will share the same space and use common facilities – building a vibrant, interactive and collaborative environment. To put it more simply, Coworking Space is not simply a place to work, but also a place for you to connect and be inspired.

office for rent in district 1
Coworking Space is a shared working space – an open office model where individuals and businesses can rent an office space or a private office for a period of time.

Why Is Coworking Space Becoming a Trend?

The concept of a fixed office, limited by four walls, is gradually becoming outdated with the development of technology and the mobility of the workforce. Coworking Space creates an open, interactive workspace – where people work and have the opportunity to connect and create together.

In particular, Ho Chi Minh City, known as the “Silicon Valley of Vietnam”, is always vibrant with thousands of startups, freelancers and young entrepreneurs. The desire to find a flexible, modern working space, along with the opportunity to connect and learn from the community, is the catalyst that promotes the strong development of Coworking Spaces.

Additionally, with rapid urbanization, finding a separate office has become quite expensive and difficult, making Coworking Space a convenient and effective choice for many people.

In general, Coworking Space not only meets the needs of amenities, but also brings cultural and community values ​​to those who are passionate and pursue their business dreams in Ho Chi Minh City.

Benefits of Renting a Coworking Space

Coworking Space opens a new door to how we approach work. Unlike the conventional “stuffy” and unfree office space, Coworking Space provides an environment where interaction and connection are strongly promoted.

When choosing to use shared space, you not only save on traditional office rental and management costs, but also experience a diverse working environment that stimulates the spirit of creativity.

Every time you work at a coworking space, you place yourself in an inspiring environment where you can meet experts from various fields, opening up opportunities for collaboration and expanding your network of relationships.

coworking space quận 1
Coworking Space brings many benefits to users, especially opportunities to network with experienced experts from a wide range of industries.

Networking not only helps you improve your work performance but also creates favourable conditions for you to interact with and learn from diverse experiences and knowledge.

Especially in the digital age, where flexibility is the key to success, a coworking space is the perfect choice, enabling you to stay prepared to adapt and innovate for personal and career development.

Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces in District 1

Below is a list of the 10 best offices for rent in District 1 based on the criteria: location, amenities, workspace and user reviews:

1. The Sentry Z

When it comes to coworking spaces in District 1, The Sentry Z is a symbol of professionalism and modernity. Chosen by many businesses and individuals, The Sentry Z has affirmed its position in the heart of Saigon.

The Sentry Z provides not only a sophisticated and spacious working space but also meticulously designed details, from individual desks and chairs to lighting and support services, tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.

The special feature of The Sentry Z lies not only in its sophisticated space but also in its professional service style, always putting customers’ interests first. Compared to other locations, The Sentry P is not just an option; it is a statement of perfection in every detail.

  • Convenient Location:

Located in a prime location at 25a/1 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1 – The Sentry Z is not just an office rental location in District 1 but a gathering place of creativity and innovation – where every corner shows its sophistication and professionalism.

Thanks to its convenient location, transportation to The Sentry Z is extremely easy, helping you save time to focus on your work and projects better.

  • Airy Space:

Right from the first step, the space of The Sentry Z captivated people’s hearts. The delicate combination of modern design and traditional features in every detail creates an impressive, attractive and inspiring space.

The airy space here helps people feel comfortable, relax and concentrate on their work. Every detail, from design to decoration, represents modernity and sophistication, ensuring a wonderful experience for every visitor.

The Sentry Z possesses an airy and fresh space, giving all customers the best feeling of relaxation and concentration at work (Image: The Sentry)
  • Diverse Types of Office Rooms:

Notably, The Sentry Z offers a variety of Coworking Space rental options in District 1, meeting all the needs of customers from large businesses, freelancers, small workgroups or young startups.

Whether you need a personal desk, a meeting room or a separate office space – everything is available. Each working corner at The Sentry Z is meticulously designed to meet all customers’ needs and working styles, helping them find creative inspiration to achieve the highest efficiency at every working hour.

  • Full Amenities:

The Sentry Z “retains” customers with its sophisticated combination of technology and design. Light from the modern LED system, flexibly adjusted for each space, creates a warm atmosphere, helping you focus on your best when working.

Each working space at The Sentry Z is beautifully designed, fully equipped with amenities – LED lights and luxurious desks to serve all customers’ needs.

The private desks and chairs feature modern design, ensuring not only comfort but also expressing luxury and professionalism. Moreover, modern printers are always available for document copying and printing.

Not only that, The Sentry Z also caters to customers’ relaxation and communication needs. There is a dedicated area for unwinding after a stressful work period, so that you can recharge and fuel your creativity.

Additionally, the comfortable meeting room is fully equipped with technology, including a large screen, projector, and Wi-Fi, to support all important meetings.

In addition, The Sentry P owns a separate kitchen space – where you can enjoy food, share happy moments with colleagues and seize opportunities to interact with the community.

  • Professional Staff:

As one of the leading Coworking Space rental locations in District 1, The Sentry P’s success not only comes from its great working space but also from its professional staff, who are carefully selected and undergo in-depth training.

They are always willing to help and support all customers’ needs with a professional and dedicated attitude, bringing the most exceptional working experience. This is the secret that keeps The Sentry P at the top-of-mind of customers who value work and creativity.

  • Affordable Price:

Despite being located in a “golden” location in District 1, The Sentry P still provides a high-quality workspace at an extremely attractive price. With only an investment from 2,000,000 VND to 8,000,000 VND per month (area from 10m2, 17m2, 25m2, 35m2…), you have an opportunity to rent an ideal office space for a period of 6 to 12 months.

Coming to The Sentry P, you will not only enjoy comfort and professionalism but also experience significant savings, allowing you to maximize your focus on work and creativity without worrying about costs.

2. WeWork Lim Tower 3

  • Rental Options: 10m2, 17m2, 25m2, 35m2…
  • Rental Costs: from 7.300.000đ – 9.000.000đ/seat/month.

Another great choice for those who want to avoid the restrictive feeling of traditional offices, and are looking for a private but comfortable and airy working space, please visit WeWork Lim Tower 3, which is designed based on the idea of ​​”Vietnamese Garden” – a gentility of the city.

As soon as you step into the lobby, you will be impressed with a series of soft curves about 90m long surrounding the entire building. Along with that, there are more than 60 types of tropical plants distributed around the garden to help you mingle with nature, “bathe” your soul after tiring working moments or to receive visitors, which is also ideal.

The most attractive point of WeWork Lim Tower 3 is its poetic beauty and focus on customer experience in every small detail. All of this is clearly shown in the “Cocoon” space, covering an area of over 200m², which you should visit in person to fully appreciate.

WeWork Lim Tower 3 is also a place chosen by many people to organize fashion exhibitions, music, cultural exchanges, and more. This attracts the attention of a large number of enthusiasts and provides endless inspiration for all participants.

Possessing many outstanding advantages, it is no exaggeration to say that WeWork Lim Tower 3 is a great office rental location in District 1 that you should not miss.

3. UPGen President Place

  • Rental Area: 10m2 – above 500m2.
  • Rental Cost: from 599.000đ – 16.000.000đ/month.

UPGen President Place is currently one of the office rental locations in District 1 chosen by many businesses and freelancers. Located in the city center, UPGen President Place offers a sophisticated and modern design space. Every detail is designed perfectly and uniquely, making customers feel most comfortable and focused when working.

UPGen President Place is fully equipped with modern equipment according to international standards, along with a team of professional staff who will support you quickly, making every working hour complete and memorable. At the same time, this coworking space is also a place for you to interact with the community, network with experts from diverse fields and build close relationships.

In addition, District 1 office rental service at UpGen President Place provides many flexible options, including Dedicated Desk (Fixed seating), Hot Desk (Flexible working seating), Virtual Office, Studio (Pre-designed private office), and more. It promises to be an ideal place to work and connect with all customers from businesses, startups, and individuals in Ho Chi Minh City.

UpGen President Place stands out with its professional, airy space, complete equipment, and amenities for customers’ needs.

4. Serepok Coworking Space

  • Rental Area: 15m2, 23m2, 35m2, 50m2, 80 m2…
  • Rental Cost: from 4.800.000đ – 6.000.000đ/seat/month (3-month deposit) with contract duration from 6 to 12 months.

Serepok Coworking Space is located in a central location of District 1, next to the Zoo and Botanical Garden, and only 50m from the District 1 Tax Department.

Spanning 15 floors with a total area of nearly 4,000m2, each workspace is designed to maximize openness and create optimal conditions for concentration and work efficiency. Not only attracting small and medium businesses, Serepok is also an ideal place for freelancers or creative teams.

The dedicated and striking color combinations not only help create a lively space but also stimulate the spirit, promoting creativity and passion for work. With its colorful and dynamic space, Serepok is suitable for Gen Z individuals who want a place to work creatively and form strong connections with one another.

Serepok Coworking Space is not only an ideal coworking space but also a place where you find joy, newness and excitement every working day.

5. cirCO Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa

  • Rental Area: 10m2, 15m2, 20m2, 50m2, 80m2…
  • Rental Cost: From 4.700.000đ – 9.500.000đ/seat/month (2-month deposit) with a contract duration of 6 to 12 months.

Located in the heart of District 1, where the bustle and excitement of Ho Chi Minh City is, Circo Coworking Space stands out as an ideal Coworking Space rental location for creative and enthusiastic souls.

Stepping into Circo, you will immediately feel the difference with the sophisticated, modern design style in every working corner, helping each individual in focusing and developing their creativity. More than just a working space, Circo is also a place for you to meet, exchange ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals.

The special feature at Circo is not only its spacious layout, but also its accompanying amenities. From comfortable conference rooms and private offices to relaxation areas with soft sofas and a bar serving refreshing drinks, it creates an ideal working environment for everyone.

Circo Coworking Space is a great office rental location where you can immerse yourself in a creative community and enjoy classy amenities. By choosing Circo, you are selecting the perfect working space, where every day becomes a new source of inspiration and motivation.

The working area at Circo Coworking Space is arranged methodically and scientifically while maintaining privacy.

6. Dreamplex Nguyễn Trung Ngạn

  • Rental Area: 8m2, 12m2, 16m2, 22m2, 25m2, 30m2 – 100m2.
  • Rental Cost: approximately 150.000đ/desk/day (for shared space), 3.100.000đ/desk/month (for private desk), 4.000.000đ/month (for private office), and 2.500.000đ/hour (for event room).

As the first brand to bring the coworking model to Vietnam, Dreamplex not only provides office space but also stands out as a symbol of innovation and creativity. More specifically, former US President Barack Obama came here – affirming the value and attraction of this District 1 Coworking Space environment.

Located right in the “heart” of Ho Chi Minh City, Dreamplex not only brings geographical benefits to help you easily connect with partners and customers but also enjoys every moment of working in a unique, green, airy and modern space.

Dreamplex provides office space for rent in District 1 that meets the needs of 50 people to work effectively and comfortably. Not only possessing a flexible space and scientific design, Dreamplex also offers classy amenities: high-speed Wi-Fi, 24/7 access and a variety of other amenities such as a refreshing coffee bar, modern kitchen area and more.

By choosing Dreamplex, you work, experience and immerse yourself in a creative and connected environment.

7. The Hive Huỳnh Khương Ninh

  • Rental Area: 8m2, 15m2, 22m2, 35m2…
  • Rental Cost: From 2.500.000đ – 5.000.000đ/seat/month.

With 6 floors of offices filled with natural light, every corner of The Hive is spacious and full of energy. The outdoor terrace is the perfect place to relax, find inspiration, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in a green space.

The founders of The Hive don’t just provide a simple workspace. They always focus on building a strong community where everyone is encouraged to grow and connect.

In addition, The Hive is always a place for vibrant and meaningful activities, from exhibitions and workshops to exciting gatherings – helping you share, learn, and create valuable connections with the community.

When you become a loyal customer at The Hive, don’t hesitate to download the “Hivers” app – this is the “loving home” that helps people easily connect and chat with each other anytime, anywhere.

8. MindX Startup Space Phạm Ngũ Lão

  • Rental Area: 8m2, 10m2, 15m2, 25m2…
  • Rental Cost: From 2.250.000đ-3.000.000đ/seat/month.

MindX Coworking Space provides office rental services in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, with a variety of coworking models such as flexible seats, fixed seats, meeting rooms, event organization, seminars, etc., to meet every customer’s needs, including representative offices, market researcher, freelancers, and startups.

All workspaces at MindX Coworking Space are fully equipped with amenities and other services. You will be working in a professional, modern, connected, and enthusiastic space.

For those who need to rent an office to organize workshop events, MindX Coworking Space will quickly set up the necessary equipment, such as speakers, TVs, projectors, whiteboards, etc.

MindX Coworking Space stands out with its dynamic, young, and creative workspace.

9. Toong Wink Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm

  • Rental Area: 2m2, 5m2, 10m2, 15m2, 20m2, 25 m2…
  • Rental Cost: approximately 1.900.000đ/month/seat, 1.000.000đ/month (for virtual office), 8.000.000đ/month (for service office) and 100.000đ/hour (for meeting room).

Toong is one of the first Coworking Space models in Asia. Toong provides flexible office rental services with extremely affordable prices, perfectly meeting the needs of freelancers and businesses of all sizes, from 1 to 30 employees.

Toong Wink is located in the Wink Hotel Saigon Center. It creates an open, airy space, equipped with modern amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, a convenient kitchen area, a comfortable meeting room, and accessible bathrooms.

Toong Wink places significant emphasis on work-life balance. This is reflected in their creation of a game room – a place where you can relax, relieve stress after a long day of work.

In addition, Toong Wink regularly organizes networking events, talk shows, workshops, and more, to help people expand their relationships and learn from leading experts in their respective fields.

In particular, one highlight that cannot be ignored at Toong Wink is its creative design. Every corner of Toong Wink has its own style, combining traditional and modern elements to create a cozy and unique Coworking Space in District 1.

10. BeBee Space Hàm Nghi

  • Rental Area: 10m2, 15m2, 20m2, 30m2…
  • Rental Cost: approximately 240 USD/seat/month (for a seat in a private room); 51 USD/month (for a virtual office).

Amidst the vibrant landscape of the Coworking Space market in District 1 today, Bebee Space shines as a special highlight, where the workspace becomes a source of inspiration and connection.

Providing full office rental services in District 1, Bebee Space does not simply provide a place to work; every detail here has its own style, message and unique value. Bebee Space focuses on creating seamless experience, from the reception desk and meeting rooms to the entertainment area and modern equipment like warm LED lights – all are arranged in a subtle blend of tradition and modernity.

At the same time, Bebee Space is also a pioneering Coworking location in District 1 for the Generation Z demographic. Therefore, the design style here is bold, dynamic, youthful and creative with pendant lights and furniture crafted from wooden materials, presenting a minimalist yet extremely impressive design.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office for Rent in District 1

When choosing an office for rent in District 1, there are some important factors you need to consider as below:


District 1 is the city center, so the location of a coworking space needs to be transportation-friendly, close to major transportation routes, and easily accessible to surrounding essential services such as banks, restaurants, and convenience stores.

This not only facilitates your movement to important destinations and access to all the amenities in the central district but also elevates your image and reputation in the eyes of partners and customers.


When choosing to rent a full-service office in District 1, in addition to focusing on the workspace or accompanying amenities, you should consider the monthly rental price. This not only affects your budget but also reflects the true value that space brings.

Although “you get what you pay for”, Coworking Space in District 1 with high prices does not always have quality, there are even cheap rental locations that contain many unexpected values. So, consider carefully and compare rental prices from many places to find the option that best suits your needs and expectations.


When renting an office in District 1, you need to consider the available amenities of the space, ranging from fast Wi-Fi connection and modern equipment to comfortable meeting rooms and areas for entertainment and relaxation.

Each of these amenities contributes to a productive workday, making it easier for you to stay focused, creative, and uninterrupted.

When choosing a Coworking Space in District 1, make sure that the space is not only aesthetically beautiful but also serves your working needs to the fullest, helping to make every working day the most fulfilling.

Environment and Community

What really makes a coworking space valuable is the environment and community there. An open and creative working environment will help increase productivity, while a participating community will create a network of connections, helping you expand relationships and find development opportunities.

A good Coworking Space in District 1 is not only a place to work every day but also a place where you can feel, experience and develop with like-minded people. It’s best to go directly to get a deep feel for the working environment and people there. Sometimes, they will be the deciding factor for your career success.

Attentions When Using a Coworking Space

To fully utilize all the benefits that a coworking space provides, here are some important things you need to keep in mind:

Respect everyone

Coworking spaces in District 1 are home to a diverse group of professionals coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. “Respect” is the golden rule you need to master! Every word, action, and even the sound from your headphones can affect others.

Respect is not just about keeping quiet or not disturbing others, but also about understanding and empathizing with those around you. These are important factors that contribute to building a connected and thriving work environment.

Be aware of the rules and policies of the coworking space

Each coworking space will have its own policies and regulations to ensure an effective and harmonious work environment. This will not only help you avoid misunderstandings or conflicts but also maximize the use of the space’s amenities.

From using meeting rooms and choosing a seat to using other amenities such as printers or kitchens – being aware of the rules will help you be more flexible. In addition, respecting and following the policies of the coworking space also demonstrates your professionalism and responsibility in your work and life.

Take breaks and exercise

In a professional coworking space, where every corner is full of energy and creativity, it is easy to immerse yourself in work. But sometimes, we need a moment to stop, listen to and feel ourselves.

Just 5-10 minutes of rest and light exercise can not only help your body rest but also be the time for your mind to recharge and be ready for new ideas. Sometimes, just walking around the space, enjoying a cup of coffee and admiring the city from the window, or a few minutes of relaxation on the sofa – you will feel your body full of vitality, ready to conquer the next challenges.

Don’t forget that the balance between work and rest time is the key to maintaining motivation and achieving the best work performance.

Get involved in the community

Coworking spaces are not just places to work, but also places to expand your network, share, learn, and grow together. Don’t be afraid to participate in activities, events, or simply talk to the people around you. Every interaction can lead to a connection, collaboration, or even valuable advice you may be seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions When Renting a Coworking Space in District 1

  • What do customers like the most about coworking spaces?

When choosing a coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City, what customers like the most is not just the convenience or modern design, but the sense of belonging to a shared community. Coworking spaces contain a diverse range of professions, fields, and cultures. Each person who comes here is not only looking for a workspace, but is also looking for connections, opportunities to share, and inspiration from each other.

Coworking spaces become a place where they can meet, exchange and cooperate – creating new and innovative projects and ideas. Moreover, the flexibility in communication and the friendly environment make them feel free, comfortable, and more effective in their work.

  • How has coworking space helped customers in their work?

In the vibrant and interactive atmosphere of coworking spaces, each individual finds a new source of inspiration, encouragement, and even new partners or resources for their project.

These spaces provide a simple desk and internet connection, and they have become the source of creativity, helping people face and overcome challenges while expanding their network of connections and creating real value.

For many people, coworking spaces not only change the way they work but also eliminate the feeling of loneliness, giving them the feeling of being a part of a dynamic and inspiring community.

  • How has coworking space helped businesses develop their business activities?

In the ever-evolving era of digitalization, coworking spaces have become an important bridge to help businesses shape and expand their business activities effectively.

Coworking spaces not only provide businesses with a modern and flexible workspace but also open up opportunities to connect with a diverse network from different fields and platforms. Businesses can find innovation in the way they interact, cooperate, and implement business strategies.

Moreover, coworking spaces also help businesses save costs and optimize resources through a creative environment – where ideas and collaboration opportunities are “born” every day. At the same time, they easily find and connect with potential partners to achieve great strides in the competitive market.

  • Useful advice for other businesses considering renting a coworking space?

Businesses need to clearly identify their needs and usage goals before renting a coworking space in District 1.

  • Do you need an open space or a private office?
  • Do you want to focus on work or want to enhance business relationships?

After having specific answers to the above questions, the next step is to carefully learn about the services and amenities the Coworking Space provides, from rental costs, amenities, and location to policies.

Understanding this important information will help you easily choose a suitable space and better support your business process. And don’t forget, make the most of the opportunities at Coworking Space by participating in exciting events, workshops or community activities.

Because sometimes, the greatest value is not just in the workplace but in the relationships and opportunities you create from there.

With the list of 10 Coworking Space locations in District 1 in this article, we hope you have found the perfect choice – a place where you can develop ideas, connect with the community and save costs.

By choosing The Sentry Z, you will experience a professional workplace at the best price and enjoy a friendly, modern, fully-equipped connection space that helps optimize concentration and creativity.

Do you need detailed advice and quotes? Please send your request via Email: or call directly to Hotline: +84 969 067 845 – The Sentry Z will quickly support you!


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