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January 11, 2024 |

Shared office: Work efficiently and optimize costs!

In the modern business world, the concept of “shared office” is not only a new trend but has also become a solution to improve working space, promote creativity and optimize costs effectively. So, what is a shared office and why is it becoming increasingly important in today’s flexible working environment? Read this article to get all the information about this work trend!

What is a shared office?

Shared office (or Coworking Space), is a service for renting shared working space with full amenities. This is not only the optimal solution for small businesses and freelancers looking for a flexible working location, but also a place for creative exchange and collaboration.

Each shared office usually consists of 5 – 20 seats, equipped with amenities such as comfortable tables and chairs, bookshelves, office equipment, meeting rooms, kitchen areas and private rest rooms. Along with that is a team of attentive support staff – contributing to creating a professional, comfortable and friendly working environment.

The current trend of renting shared offices

In recent years, Vietnam’s economy has continuously developed strongly in many fields such as technology, tourism, business, services… This development is not only of interest to international businesses, but also arousing a strong investment wave from domestic businesses, which is the continuous appearance of potential startups.

In this context, shared office services have emerged as a bright solution, meeting the needs of flexible working space, saving costs and optimizing resources for organizations/businesses. The individual is in a stage of development. Popular globally, this type of service is not only a smart choice for new businesses, but also a symbol of modern and creative working trends.

WayShared office rental form

Shared office rental services are quite diverse, suitable for all needs and scales of operations of organizations and individuals. Here are some common forms:

Flexible seating

Suitable for:

  • The group you work with doesn’t have an office yet.
  • Individuals working remotely.
  • Opportunity to meet partners and customers.
  • Students need space to study.

Instead of committing to a full-time office rental, flexible seating allows you to rent by the hour, session or day and operate on short notice.

Fixed seat

Suitable for: 

  • Startups, freelancers.
  • Group of people working without an office.
  • Individuals need to work long term.

This service allows you to rent a permanent position for a long-term month or year, and can be used full-time. Here, you will have a personal desk in your own space, and will also be provided with a private locker to store documents and personal items.

In addition, you can use the office’s common amenities, such as free drinks, rest rooms, kitchen areas… Fees for this service are usually calculated monthly, helping you easily manage your finances without No need to worry about unexpected fees.

Private office

Suitable for:

  • Startup company.
  • Small scale enterprise.

Private offices offer incredible flexibility in scaling your business – expanding or contracting according to your needs. This enables business owners to easily adapt and adjust their business strategies to meet their goals quickly and effectively.

Depending on your needs, you can rent suitable work chairs at The Sentry

Benefits of renting a shared office

Renting a shared office brings many benefits to businesses and individuals, through the following aspects:

1. Central location, convenient to move

Most shared office rental services are located right in the city center. This not only helps your business immerse yourself in the dynamic flow of the city, but also connect with the business world quickly and effectively.

Every day is a new opportunity to expand your network of relationships and attract the attention of partners and customers. This is not only a flexible workspace but also a focal point of creativity and collaboration, where great ideas are incubated and developed – marking your business’ transformation in a competitive market.

2. Optimize costs

Shared offices help significantly reduce fixed costs compared to a traditional office. This is demonstrated through the sharing of resources and facilities, helping businesses focus on investing in core areas, thereby accelerating development and competition in the market.

3. Have a fixed business address

When renting a shared office, your business will own a fixed business address. This helps enhance the professionalism and reputation of the business in the eyes of partners and customers. In particular, when businesses want to expand their scale, they do not need to move far away, because this service can provide quick support and does not take much time.

4. Always receive dedicated support

Shared offices provide modern working space, complete with professional amenities. In particular, the receptionist will assist you in all tasks such as receiving parcels, answering emails, phone calls and even welcoming customers in the friendly reception area. Thanks to that, your business can minimize resources and time for administrative work, focusing all efforts on business development to bring the highest performance.

Who should rent a shared office?

Ho Chi Minh City Center has become an ideal convergence point for many diverse business models. Whether you are a small business or startup that wants to optimize costs to focus on development, or large businesses from other provinces that need a reputable representative address – you can find shared office space. appropriate share here.

Even for foreign companies exploring the Vietnamese market or independent business project groups – shared offices are still the perfect choice, because they provide full amenities from personnel to facilities. quality, helping each organization focus on business development without worrying about costs.

Experience rent shared office in Ho Chi Minh City

Renting a shared office in Ho Chi Minh, especially in the central districts, requires businesses to clearly understand the following core factors:

1. Rental costs

Rental costs include not only the basic rental fee, but also other incidental fees. Businesses need to clarify fixed and additional payable fees (if any) before signing the contract to ensure their rights later.

2. Furnishing

Businesses need to consider carefully:Is the office fully equipped with amenities (desks and chairs, personal lockers…)? Are they new or old?In particular, it is necessary to clarify the responsibility for compensation and replacement in case of unexpected damage.

3. Infrastructure quality

Don’t forget to check the basic condition of the office such as walls, ceilings, floors, soundproofing levels, elevator performance and parking space. These factors will greatly affect the daily working environment.

4. General amenities

Finally, the shared office needs to ensure full provision of necessary amenities, including: reception, meeting room, rest room, reception area and pantry with equipment such as refrigerators, air conditioners. water filter, microwave…

The Sentry: The ideal destination for the integration and development of businesses

The Sentry is a leading shared office rental unit in Ho Chi Minh City, providing a variety of shared office types, suitable for working scale according to the needs of each individual, startup, and small office. and medium or office representatives from abroad.

The office spaces at The Sentry are intelligently designed, optimizing comfort and work efficiency. From modern meeting rooms, flexible co-working areas to relaxation corners – every detail is meticulously cared for to meet every customer’s working needs.

The Sentry is not just a workplace, but also a creative and collaborative community. With networking events, seminars and interactive activities, create a great working environment – where ideas are shared and welcomed. At the same time, it opens up many opportunities for cooperation and creative business development.

The Sentry is a reputable shared office rental location, located right in the center of Ho Chi Minh City

Answers to questions when renting a shared office at The Sentry

1. Are there any additional costs when renting shared office services?

You only need to pay the initial committed rental fee and you can use the services and utilities here completely free of charge. However, meeting rooms will have specific usage time limits. If you need to use more, there will be a small additional fee.

2. Is a deposit required when renting a shared office?

When renting a shared office at The Sentry, you mustDeposit a sum of money in advance – depending on the term you want to rent (1 month, 5 months, 1 year or more), to ensure trust between the two parties. You can rest assured because all costs are shared clearly and transparently before signing the contract.

3. Does working in a shared office ensure quiet?

At The Sentry, many individuals and businesses gather together to work and operate, but do not affect the privacy of others. The space here is extremely spacious and airy, ensuring sound does not resonate – helping to minimize noise and ensure top quiet.

The working space at The Sentry is spacious, airy and ensures the highest privacy and quiet

4. Does the office provide support when meeting customers?

The Sentry shared office is always ready to support businesses in welcoming customers in the reception area or meeting room. The staff will prepare everything from drinks, chairs… to ensure each meeting helps the business leave a deep impression in the eyes of customers.

5. What are the procedures for registering to rent a shared office?

The office rental registration procedure at The Sentry is extremely simple. You just need to provide the right paperwork and correct registration information – the staff will create the contract and you can use the workspacefast.

With The Sentry, every workday is not just an experience, but also a step forward in your journey towards success and innovation. Let The Sentry become a partner accompanying your business on the path towards the future.Contact now for support!


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