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January 11, 2024 |

What is hybrid working? Explore the modern 4.0 working model

Hybrid working is not just a temporary trend, but has become a new standard in the modern world of work. From improving work-life balance, to creating a diverse and flexible work environment – hybrid working is reshaping the future of work today.

Let’s explore all aspects of hybrid working with The Sentry in this article!

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is a unique combination of working at the office and remotely – becoming an indispensable trend in the new era. This model helps businesses and employees flexibly work from home and be able to appear at the office when needed.

This gives them certain comfort when they can be proactive about their time and working space. Thanks to that, work efficiency increased significantly, contributing to improving work progress and achieving set goals.

Popular forms of hybrid work

Below are 4 popular hybrid working models applied by many businesses today. Each model has a common goal: Creating a diverse, adaptive and effective working environment:

  • Hybrid at-will: With this model, employees can decide when to work in the office or remotely.
  • Hybrid split-week: Based on job characteristics, the company will flexibly divide working time and location to meet the specific needs of each employee and each department.
  • Hybrid manager-scheduling: Managers play a key role in arranging schedules and work locations for employees.
  • Hybrid mix: Is a flexible combination of the above three models, suitable for medium to large sized companies, where employees undertake many functions and jobs.

How does hybrid working develop in Vietnam?

When the Covid-19 epidemic raged in Vietnam, remote working became the new norm for most companies. As the epidemic is gradually controlled, many businesses are faced with a choice: maintain the remote working model or return to the traditional office environment.

Faced with concerns about the risk of infection and the convenience of working from home, many employees are hesitant about returning to work full-time in the office. This is where the hybrid working model becomes the ideal solution, helping to optimize performance between remote and in-person working.

Hybrid working has become a new working model, responding promptly in today’s digital age

What benefits does hybrid work bring?

The hybrid work model brings many significant benefits to both businesses and employees as follows:

1. Flexible working space and time

Hybrid working helps employees save costs and travel time, because they have the flexibility to choose where to work and only need to go to the office when necessary. This not only creates a positive and creative working environment, but also helps employees reduce pressure, thereby improving work productivity.

2. Balance between work and life

The traditional working environment makes employees feel cramped, bored and difficult to balance work and life. Meanwhile, hybrid working provides a more flexible working space – employees can proactively arrange their working time and personal activities such as relaxing, taking care of family… while still ensuring full satisfaction. do a good job.

3. Effective cost savings

With the hybrid working model,Reduced time and number of employees present at the office, helping to save significant costs such as renting space and equipment.

Thanks to that, businesses can invest in other more important aspects such as improving product/service quality or employee training. This not only improves business efficiency, but also contributes to the company’s long-term and sustainable development.

4. AttractiveTalent is everywhere

Use hybrid modelwork Helps businesses easily attract excellent talent from everywhere. Successfully recruiting excellent employees not only significantly improves work performance, but also creates a solid foundation for the company’s expansion into the international market.

Challenges when applying hybrid working model

In addition to the benefits, when applying a hybrid working model, there are also many challenges that businesses may face as follows:

1. Not every job is suitable

Slack conducted a survey on the media platform showing that the hybrid working model is not a suitable choice for some professions/jobs with the following characteristics:

  • Business owners.
  • Product Management.
  • Information technology & security.
  • Program & project management.
  • Business development staff.
  • Art, design, education.
  • Customer support specialist.
  • Beauty and health care services.
  • Communications industry.
  • Travel services, social insurance.

For businesses that are not compatible with the hybrid working model, remote work management software can be applied. At the same time, establishing a flexible work schedule also contributes to improving efficiency in staff management, helping them adapt better to work requirements.

2. Need to make long-term and short-term plans

According to Professor Anicich from the University of Southern California: When applying the hybrid working model, the first step is to evaluate long-term and short-term office space needs.

It is important to analyze job positions, to determine which tasks are suitable for a work-from-home environment. At the same time, businesses also need to consider and decide whether to combine or deploy remote working, applicable to both the company and each work group.

Each department needs to develop a specific, detailed plan for remote working, including: arranging a day to go to the office to meet and discuss common working plans. This not only helps create flexibility in working, but also allows managers to have an overview of the operations of each department in the company.

3. Higher requirements for security capabilities

Many information technology leaders believe that hybrid working will be the working trend in the future, because of the flexibility and convenience in today’s 4.0 era. However, concerns about data security when employees use public Wifi are always a top concern. This requires businesses to build and enforce a comprehensive data security policy when applying the hybrid working model.

4. Build a system to support work management and reporting

The hybrid working model creates favorable conditions for employees to work together through a common application. This requires businesses to invest in modern technology software to ensure accurate productivity management and reporting.

5. Communication methods between management and employees

In implementing the Hybrid work model, businesses need to be equipped with effective communication tools and equipment necessary for interaction between management and employees.

In addition, businesses also need to establish workplace management schedules and online systems to ensure information is communicated promptly to everyone.

This method not only enhances communication, but also helps strengthen corporate culture through listening to employee opinions and organizing regular online meetings.

The Sentry – The ideal choice for modern businesses

After learning about what hybrid working is, you will surely realize that this working model brings many practical benefits in terms of cost, as well as creating flexibility in working – contributing to improving productivity. work and help businesses develop sustainably in today’s era of economic fluctuations.

If you are looking for a flexible, affordable and fully equipped working location in Ho Chi Minh City – don’t hesitate, choose The Sentry! Located in the “heart” of Saigon, The Sentry is not only a prestigious office rental location but also a symbol of professionalism and convenience.

The working area at The Sentry is very spacious and airy – stimulating constant creativity, helping to improve work efficiency

With affordable prices, The Sentry meets all the diverse needs of businesses, from creative startups to large corporations requiring high quality working space.

With airy, modern and fully equipped space – The Sentry meets all the working needs of businesses

The highlight of The Sentry is its modern design, optimizing the working space to bring comfort and increase work efficiency. Each office is fully equipped with amenities, from luxurious reception areas to high-tech meeting rooms – creating favorable conditions for communication and business cooperation.

The reception Area at The Sentry is modernly and beautifully designed – helping businesses confidently welcome their partners and customers

In addition, The Sentry also designed a relaxation and rest space for employees after tiring working hours, helping them reduce stress and regenerate energy.

The Sentry is also the place chosen by many experts/speakers to organize workshops

With the perfect combination of service quality, modern workspace and professional environment, The Sentry will certainly be a reliable partner – accompanying the sustainable development of your business.

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