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August 9, 2022 |

The Sentry Z: A Green Space For Everyone

Across the iconic Saigon Zoo, The Sentry Z in District 1 will officially open its doors in November 2022. With seven locations in Vietnam, The Sentry is now Vietnam’s largest grade A flexible office space provider. The real estate firm provides high-quality, inspiring, and flexible workspaces designed to offer maximum flexibility for companies in the ever-changing business climate. With the mission to build a shared community where people can connect and share ideas and passions across various industries, The Sentry Z is the first flexible office targeting to receive Vietnam’s Lotus Green accreditation for fit-out, operation, and design. Inspired by the evergreen surrounding of the iconic Saigon Zoo and District 1, The Sentry Z is a first-of-its-kind — sustainable, hi-spec fit-out, 9-stories green flexible office building with locally recycled materials as part of the unique furniture and fixtures. Opening from Q4 2022, an exclusive seat at The Sentry Z is VND 4,000,000/month, VND 2,500,000/month for a virtual seat, and VND 3,500,000 for a hybrid seat. However, these prices are subject to change, so don’t hesitate to contact The Sentry at for more information. For the full article:


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